Borrowed Landscapes Feiyi Wen | Peng Ke

Feiyi Wen, The Untitled from Seeing a pine tree from your bedroom window, 2023 ©Feiyi Wen

Feiyi Wen, The Untitled from Seeing a pine tree from your bedroom window, 2023
©Feiyi Wen

Peng Ke, Begin Again, 2024 ©Feiyi Wen

Peng Ke, Begin Again, 2024
©Feiyi Wen

2024.5.22 WED - 7.15 MON

11:00 - 19:00
Open daily / Free admission


This exhibition juxtaposes significant new bodies of work by two pioneering Chinese artists, Feiyi Wen and Peng Ke. Both artists were born in China during the economic miracle of the 1990s, and have gone on to study, live and work abroad. Each has practices rooted in photography, yet both have expanded outward to explore different media and techniques while remaining somehow lens based. Both create images that are artistically beautiful but also embody contradictions and ambiguity.

This exhibition will display important new bodies of work by each artist. Feiyi Wen has selected photographs which relate to and expand on her recent chapters. She is using a variety of sizes, both small and large, while alternating between the printing techniques of silver gelatin and giclee. The resulting photographs will be framed in Japan and arranged in the space in accordance with the exhibition scenography, creating a sense of visual variation and exploration. Peng Ke, meanwhile, is making six wall assemblages that expand and develop her concerns from her Bay Windows works shown at the Tai Kwun Contemporary art space in Hong Kong in 2022. These will include material elements drawn from contemporary China, as well as photographs that have been pushed and manipulated in new directions.

While the connection between these two artists may not be instantly apparent, they both represent ways of looking thoughtfully at our contemporary situation, and they both play on the unique power of the image to resonate along different, contradictory registers at the same time. In this sense, they could be seen as two ends of a continuum, from the thoughtful contemplation of forms found in nature to the ambivalent embrace of the objects and typologies that convey social distinction. Of course, both positions contain their opposite—Feiyi’s seemingly natural imagery is highly controlled and edited, while Peng’s ready-mades exist as both signifiers and physical objects.

By intricately staging a dialogue between these two artists and their practices, this exhibition will not only present two significant figures in a new generation of Chinese contemporary artists. It will invite the viewer to think about their relation to their physical, social and even philosophical surroundings.


Feiyi Wen

Photo by Sophie Davidson

Feiyi Wen (b.1990) is a visual artist, photographer and researcher that lives and works in London, UK. She holds a master’s degree in photography from the Royal College of Art and received her practice-led PhD in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, both in London.  Her artistic practice incorporates prints, written texts, bookmaking, moving image, object casting, installations and sound recordings.

Feiyi Wen has recently displayed her work in the group exhibitions, Beyond Boundaries at Aperture Gallery (2018) and Renew – A Recent Survey in Chinese Contemporary Photography at Eli Klein Gallery (2022), both in New York, at The Coming Image at Photo Shanghai (2015) and at Unfamiliar at the Beijing Photo Biennale (2015), both in China, and at Street Photography at the Tate Britain, London (2014). Feiyi Wen was the Magnum Graduate Photographer Award Winner at Photo London, UK, in 2016.

Peng Ke

Photo by Pengfei Yin

Peng Ke, (b.1992) is a visual artist and photographer who lives and works between China and the US. Peng was born in Hunan and grew up in Shenzhen. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, US. Peng’s visual language interprets urban aesthetics to mediate on personal experiences and collective memories amid rapid urban transitions.

Her work reveals the hidden intimacy and shared alienation that coexists in the public and private sphere. Peng Ke has recently displayed her work in the solo exhibitions Grand City and Serendipitous Trésor at Gallery Vacancy in Shanghai (2021), Agoramaniac at the Jimei x Arles International Photography Festival in Xiamen (2019), Leaving Speed at the Lianzhou Museum of Photography (2018) and The Secured at the Salt Projects in Beijing (2018), all in China.