TRANSMISSIONS people-to-people Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone Photo Exhibition

Man and material, Ula Shwe, pottery, Myanmar 2011 © Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone

Man and material, Ula Shwe, pottery, Myanmar 2011 © Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone

2016.9.2 FRI - 9.30 FRI

12:00 - 20:00 Open daily / Free admission


What we focused on was not just the technique,
but on the people who transmit the techniques.

For more than five years (2010-2016), Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone have committed themselves to a photographic project on the master-disciple relationship and the passing on of knowledge in the framework of traditional know-how and innovation. Travelling from Europe to Asia and Africa, the Baldizzones met more than 100 masters and their disciples, representing more than 40 different skills. Exploring in depth the master-disciple relationship, they capture in their photos the subtleties of expressiveness that reveal feelings during the transmission of knowledge, the emotion of creating, the personal relationship and the bonds created by such “people to people” exchanges.
While each photograph is unique, all of the photos collectively demonstrate the universality of the act of passing on knowledge and provide food for thought about tradition and innovation, trans-generational exchanges, cultural diversity, and the heritage of preservation.
The exhibition depicts men and women who embody intangible culture and tangible skills that are the mainspring of humanity’s cultural diversity.


Tiziana & Gianni Baldizzone

Italian photographers Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone first met in Madagascar in 1977. Photography has united them ever since. Their humanistic approach to photography is influenced by their quest for intimacy with their subjects and their relation to “the Other” and is inspired by an ethic of sharing and understanding. Focusing on people’s daily lives, cultural diversity and the environment, they have published photographic books in the world and have been shown in exhibitions in Europe and the United States.
Since their work on aboriginal tribes of India (1985-1991), they have been committing themselves to long-term projects. Among these are “Nomad Spirit” (2005-2010), a book and a travelling exhibition about nomads living in the desert, snow and grasslands of Sahara, Siberia and Asia, and their most recent photographic series “Transmissions” (2010-2016).
They live between Italy and Paris.



This exhibition will be held at the Center Park, located in front of CHANEL Boutique on the 4th floor of Shinjuku Isetan. Please refer to the details below.
2016.9.2 [FRI] 9.22 [Thu] 10:30 - 20:00
Free Admission
Venue: Center Park 4th Floor Isetan Shinjuku Store (Main Bldg.)