Beauty is you / Chaos is me Julien Levy Art Exhibition

© Julien Levy

© Julien Levy

2014.6.28 SAT - 7.20 SUN

12:00 - 20:00 Open daily / Free admission


Levy’s solo show offers an insolent, unique and spectacular view on beauty. Made in Tokyo, Paris and New York, the several exclusive pieces (installation, film and photography) unite like chapters in a book, and invite the viewer to participate or even play with them to fully embrace their discourse, splendor or fury.
Here, an intimate video notebook with Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, there, a collection of tiny portraits of actresses you are only able to see through magnifying glasses, or, over there, a break-up scene directly addressed to you. These exist amongst other radical art pieces made especially to move you. You will wonder if Levy’s work is sad or beautiful, you will wonder if you should smile or cry, and will end up doing both.
With pieces such as “From there all I can hear is the batting of your eyelashes” starring the increasingly prominent actress Astrid, and “All we have is now” which captures model Kiko Mizuhara, glimpses of inspiration from Chanel are woven in and out of the six chapters that compose these artworks, which speak to the hearts of all who see them.
Even as the collection incorporates the artist’s philosophy and concept to the extremes, the presentation is enveloped in a seamless aesthetic sense. The unique forms of expression for each piece in the exhibition leaves the perception to the viewer without conditions. We hope you will appreciate this presentation by Julien Levy, one that the artist calls “a collection of poems for the eye.”


Julien Levy

Julien Levy was born in Paris 1982, now lives in New York. His artworks spread from photography to film, from books to installations, from literature to cinema. His radical, poetic, always stunning art was showcased in prestigious places such as The Centre Pompidou, Acte 2 Galerie in Paris, or Garis & Hahn Gallery in New York. Now working also as a writer and director, Julien Levy offers a type of Art that hides its conceptual and philosophical records under several layers of burning exquisiteness.