MOOD - 9 GIRLS NAOKI Photo Exhibition

2013.4.24 WED - 5.12 SUN

9:00 - 0:00 Open daily / Admission free *Please kindly be requested to pay admission fee for Nijo Castle.

Nijo Castle (Important Cultural properties)
541 Nijojo-cho, Horikawa-nishiiru,
Nijo-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City 604-8301
Supported by
Kyoto City, Nijo Castle Office,
Kyoto Municipal Board of Education


Successful in the fields of fashion and commercial photography, photographer NAOKI is also working on a personal project that contemplates the image of 21st century Japanese girls. In order to hold his exhibition of MOOD – 9 GIRLS at the CHANEL NEXUS HALL in Ginza, Tokyo in 2012, NAOKI spent more than a year working with Japanese models as he embarked upon this series, in which a theme is given to each work, with nine models appearing each time. Using various environments that surround contemporary Japanese girls as these themes for the photographs, NAOKI did all of the directing himself, such as model selection and fashion styling. These works express Japan’s unique cultural background and the mood of this era, together with the energy and aesthetic sense hidden deep within Japanese women.
As people’s values become more diversified, the environment surrounding each photograph also continues to change. Within this change, photographer NAOKI is always standing at the forefront of the times in Japan and internationally as he creates new expressions. As a Japanese cameraman, he faces his Japanese models and expresses a view of the world that is unique to Japan in MOOD – 9 GIRLS. These works will now be introduced at Nijo Castle, which is a historical landmark in the ancient capital of Kyoto. Japan’s past, present, and even the future are hinted at by NAOKI’s exhibit of works. You will also be able to look forward to enjoying a newly photographed piece that will be debuted inside Nijo Castle for this exhibition.

Against a pure white background in a studio filled with rays of natural light, the images of models are captured one by one as they pose freely. The film ONE SECOND comprises one-second moment from each of them. Also linking to his workshop ( where he fosters new models, NAOKI worked with more than 300 up-and-coming Japanese models for this project. The ninety models who participated in MOOD – 9 GIRLS were also selected through the workshop. This film will be presented at the exhibition as well. We hope you will enjoy this compilation of one-second bursts of individual radiance.



photographers, and hair and makeup artists – all while still being active as a photographer himself. In 1995, he published a photography book, “ORDINAL” and held exhibition in Tokyo and Paris. In 2004, his photography book “REAL FACES” was published by Shufunotomo Co., Ltd. As one of the few real fashion photographers in Japan, he has done work for countless fashion magazine and advertisements. Additionally, he is well known as a versatile creative force involved in the launch of many magazines, discovering and managing models, and directing hair and makeup for photo shoots. In recent years, he has held workshops ( for the training and cultivation of models and photographers who are just starting their careers. NAOKI held the photo exhibition “Summer Diary in Sifnos” at the Logos Gallery in Shibuya Parco in 2008, and the exhibit “Shibuya Kawaii Style” at the Blitz Gallery (Art Photo Site Tokyo) in 2009. Shooting fashion photography for many years, and having watched the models as they grow, NAOKI uses this viewpoint in the production of works that consider the image of 21st century Japanese girls.


KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival

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