OUTLANDS Aram Dikiciyan Photo Exhibition

© Aram Dikiciyan

© Aram Dikiciyan

2013.3.29 FRI - 4.21 SUN

12:00 - 20:00 Open daily / Free admission


“OUTLANDS” is an exhibition of new works by the Tokyo-based black and white photographer Aram Dikiciyan, drawing viewers into a surreal world located between dreams and reality, where lightness and shade are used to both render forms abstract and reveal their essence. Shooting with traditional photographic film, Dikiciyan’s images move from the discovered to the manufactured and cover situation and moments only Dikiciyan could create and stories and experiences we can only imagine. Rendered in his distinctive style, where going deeper means being lifted by light, Dikiciyan pushes the boundaries of his technique even further in this chapter of his photographic career. Venturing into the “OUTLANDS” we find a place infused with intimacy, saturated with beauty and poignancy – a borderland which questions our own feelings of detachment and desire.


Aram Dikiciyan

Born in 1974 in West Berlin and raised in a family well-versed in fine arts. Dikiciyan started his career as a photographer at the age around 22 years of age. Based in Berlin, his works were shown in advertisements and magazines. In 2004, the artistic value of his works was recognized and he relocated to Tokyo in search of a new front. Since 2008, Dikiciyan has been a member of “CAMERA WORK” one of the representative photo galleries based in Berlin and to date, his works have been showcased in personal exhibitions held in Tokyo, Berlin and Hong Kong.
His evocative black-and-white portraits, landscapes and abstract works have been described as “・・・ gritty and minimalistic, simple without being condensed, melancholy without being dispirited.”