2017.11.24 FRI


CHANEL Pygmalion Days 2018
About the program

With this all-encompassing series, my aim has been to propose recitals which are both narrative and humorous. These six programs describe one big story, exploring three centuries of music. I decided to approach the concerts in a chronological order, while allowing myself some flexibility to include compositions from different eras which echo each other.
To follow the music chronologically does not mean to create tight seals between periods: my purpose is to remove these walls, unveil correspondences between works written in different times and places, and, ideally, even bring some discoveries. I hope you will enjoy and even have fun with each recital.
Every day, I ask myself what is my mission as a performer given that there are so many talented pianists in the world today. With this thrilling project, I have opened new possibilities for myself and a new chapter of my life as an artist.