Shion Ota


Shion Ota
Born in Osaka in 2000. As a student, Shion Ota skipped grades and graduated from the Tokyo College of Music High School in two years. Currently, she is a second year student of the Piano Performance Course “Excellence” at the Tokyo College of Music, where she is studying as a Special Scholarship Student.
In 2013, in addition to winning 1st prize at the 67th Student Music Concours of Japan in the junior high school division, she won the Nomura Prize, Aiko Iguchi Prize, Yasuko Fukuda Prize and Music Encouragement Prize. At the 17th Hamamatsu International Piano Academy, she placed 5th and received the Most Promising Artist Award. At the PTNA Piano Competition she was won various prizes for the past 10 consecutive years since 2007 including a superior silver prize and audience prize. In 2018, she received 2nd prize of the Malta International Piano Competition.
She has also received commendations from the Board of Education of Takaishi City in Osaka Prefecture for six consecutive years since 2011. From 2013 to 2015, she was a recipient of the Yamaha Foundation Scholarship, and in 2017, the Aoyama Music Foundation Scholarship. She has studied under Katsunori Ishii, Seiko Ezawa, Mari Takeda and Yuka Hanzawa.

(As of May 2018)