Ryota Higashi


Ryota Higashi
Ryota HIGASHI has won the 88th Music Competition of Japan and received numerous awards including Leucadia Award, Sumi Award, and Kuroyanagi Award. His appearances include “Lunchtime concert” at TOPPAN HALL, which is produced for promising young artists, “Recital Passio” (NHK-FM Radio), “Kyohei Sorita Growing Sonority” (MBS RADIO), “Untitled Concert” (TV Asahi), and “Chico Will Scold You!” (NHK G) among others. Has played as a soloist with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hamano Jack Orchestra, and more thus far.
He is active as a solo, chamber music, or orchestra player. As a chamber music player, he had played with outstanding artists including Kazune Shimizu, Konstantin Lifschitz, and SUNWOO Yekwon among others. And he participated in the chapters 15th and 19th of Project Q (held by TV Man Union, Inc., Japan) and the 6th Suntory Hall Chamber Music Academy. As an orchestra player, he has been invited as a guest concertmaster or a guest principal for the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, and the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra among others, and had played many times in the ARK Sinfonietta led by Nobuyuki Tsujii and Fumiaki Miura.
He studied violin under Chihiro Morikawa, and chamber music under Kikuei Ikeda, Kazuhide Isomura, Michiko Okamoto, Ikue Koike, Nobuko Yamazaki, and Akira Wakabayashi. Graduated from the Music Department at Toho Gakuen College as a scholarship student with the highest honors. He received a scholarship from Aoyama Music Foundation from 2018 to 2019 and was loaned a 1716 A. Stradivarius by the Itoh Foundation for 2 years starting in 2019.
Currently enrolled as a scholarship student under Akiko Tatsumi in the first year of the master’s program at the Faculty of Music at Toho Gakuen College. He is one of the “core members” of the Japan National Orchestra produced by Kyohei Sorita, the 7th Fellow of the Suntory Hall Chamber Music Academy, and a 2021-2022 scholarship student at the Rohm Music Foundation. His violin is on loan from the Munetsugu Collection.

CHANEL Pygmalion Days 2023 Artist.

(As of December 2022)