Maho Irie


Maho Irie
Maho Irie was born in Osaka. She graduated from the Toho Gakuen Music High School and is currently in the 3rd year of studies at Toho Gakuen College. In 2007 she won 2nd prize (no 1st prize was awarded) at the 17th Japan Classical Music Competition, in the National Contest. In 2009 she won 2nd prize (no 1st prize was awarded) at the 10th Osaka International Music Competition Concert Auditions. In 2012 she won the Music Prize at the 21st ABC Institute for Musical Advancement Rookie Concert. In 2013 she held a solo recital at the Idea Fresh Concert. In the same year she performed at the Rising Star Concert at the Great Mountain Music Festival 2013 (South Korea). She has appeared in various chamber music performances, including the Toho Gakuen College Chamber Music Recital, a recital of the Paul Hindemith String Quartet Cycle at Viola Space 2013, and at the Tateshina Kreutzer Music Festival.
Currently, she is studying under Koichiro Harada. She has also been guided by Michiko Kamiya, Yu Nishiwada, Ryoko Shimizu, Taeko Miki, and Naoko Takahashi. She has studied chamber music under Koichiro Harada, Kazuhide Isomura, Hisaya Dogin, Tsugio Tokunaga, Kazuoki Fujii and Hakuro Mori. In addition, she has taken masterclasses with the Julliard String Quartet and the Tokyo Quartet. In 2014 she studied chamber music as a 3rd term academy fellow of the Suntory Hall Chamber Music Academy.
In 2008 she was awarded a cultural commendation by the Musashino City Board of Education. In 2015 she is studying under a Munetsugu Angel Fund/Japan Federation of Musicians Scholarship for Emerging Performers. CHANEL Pygmalion Days 2015 Artist.

(as of 2015)