Lisa Yasuda


Lisa Yasuda
Lisa YASUDA won many prizes including the International Beethoven-Competition for Violin 2015 (the 1st Prize, Austria), the 9th International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians (the 2nd Prize, Russia), the Singapore Violin Festival Competition 2017 (the Grand Prix), the Singapore International Violin Competition 2018 (the 5th Prize), the 18th Kloster Schöntal Violin Competition (the 2nd Prize and the Special Prize “Virtuoso”, Germany). She entered Tokyo University of the Arts with skipping a grade of its attached Music High School and graduated Special Soloist Program of the university. Awarded from the Munetsugu Tokuji Foundation for special scholarship at Tokyo University of the Arts, and the sponsorship for overseas study. She received the Yamaha Music Foundation Scholarship from 2014 to 2016 and special scholarship from Rohm Music Foundation in 2017 and 2019. She is currently studying at Toho Gakuen Graduate School of Music with the Munetsugu Tokuji Foundation Special Scholarship.

CHANEL Pygmalion Days 2022 Artist.

(As of September, 2021)