Karen Kido


Karen Kido
Karen Kido, who has won numerous accolades including 1st place at the Michelangelo Abbado International Competition for Violinists, 4th place at the Carl Nielsen International Competition, and 2nd place at the Music Competition of Japan, has performed with orchestras including the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra. After graduating top of her class at the Tokyo University of the Arts, Kido completed a Master’s degree at the same university. She has studied under Koichiro Harada, Asako Urushihara, and Masafumi Hori, while also receiving tutelage from other violinists Tsugio Tokunaga, Régis Pasquier, Dong-Suk Kang and Masao Kawasaki. An active musician who also organizes her own concerts, Kido, in addition to her solo concerts, performs chamber music and orchestra music as a guest musician. She has appeared at events including the Miyazaki International Music Festival and the Spring Festival in Tokyo, and is a member of groups including the La Luce String Octet and the Kioi Hall Chamber Orchestra Tokyo. Kido plays violins including a 1698 Pietro Guarneri on loan from a benefactor.

CHANEL Pygmalion Days 2016 Artist.

(As of November 2023)